Kristal Gay & Tangela Gay


This plan outlines the strategic initiatives that Diversified Direction Foundation (DDF) looks to embark on in the coming 10 years. The focus on long- and short-term goals, including expanding our reach and partnerships.



Primary: Potential partners and investors which have a primary focus in the youth skills development, youth education and homelessness non for-profit space in the US.


Potential partners – Corporations and organizations looking for ways to give back as well as corporate social responsibility efforts, local councils, religious organizations, and other non for-profit organisations. Potential partners also include those who can provide art music dance and culinary art education classes as well as accommodation and other resources for the homeless community.


Potential investors – Experienced investors in the non for-profit space investors looking to improve their corporate social responsibility portfolio and you investors looking to enter the non for profit space.


Secondary: Volunteers and individual parties interested in our operations and we’re looking for a way to contribute to our expansion.


Those looking to establish a presence in the non for-profit space, develop an affiliation with a non for profit or belong to a non for profit organisation. Diversified Direction Foundation’s target market strategy is based on becoming a destination for people in the Dallas Metroplex in need of the Organization’s creative expression department. The Organization will also rely on the support of businesses and residents in the community to help with funding and donations so that Diversified Direction Foundation can continue to impact its community. The people that seek the Organization’s assistance desire quality services, and its Diversified Direction Foundation duty to deliver on their expectations. Diversified Direction Foundation would like to work with multiple entities within each community including churches, schools, and recreation centres, apartments, elected city officials as well as corporate businesses.



Stronghold in the Texan markets in the US, with an estimated annual reach of helping over 200 people ever since we went live 7 months ago. DDF is looking to expand further into the US market through diversifying its partnerships and investor portfolio further and tacking the major issues impacting childhood education and the homelessness space.



DDF is currently partnered with several renowned state-wide organizations, including The City of Dallas, Desoto, Lancaster and Jubilee Church in Texas.



Short-Term (1- 5 Years)

  •  To obtain government approval, sourcing funding for the office within the next 2 years
  •  To expand further into the Texan and American markets through networking and increasing our partnerships by 75% within the next 3 years
  • Network with stakeholders in the US market to build a stronger brand presence
  • Work with investors who are looking to genuinely grow the vision of DDF to make a greater impact to society
  •  Positively impact the lives of more than 200,000 youth and homeless individuals in the community by 2025 to improve the educational, health and economic outcomes in these communities
  •  Establish a facility with a suitable staff, that’s accessible by public transportation so that our organization can began to build a bridge in the Dallas Metroplex Area and expand to Houston and Louisiana within the next 5 years


Long-Term (6-10 Years)

  • Expand into multiple on-site facilities across the nation to aid in their respective communities, such as Chicago, New Jersey, and Washington DC. These geographic areas share many similarities with the Dallas Metroplex area. It is our goal to share statistics, results, and ideas with their existing organizations. Diversified Direction’s vision is a partnership with these communities to enhance learning and improve self-esteem through music, art and dance.
  • Develop integrated partnership programs with more partners across the board
  • Organize large-scale annual events to engage the community further and spearhead larger community programs and initiatives
  • Positively impact the lives of more than 500,000 youth and homeless individuals in the community by 2030 to improve the educational, health and economic outcomes in these communities
  • Establish a board with key stakeholders by 2026 who can not only uphold the brand of DDF, but expand it further in terms of its strategic partnerships, investors, and donors    



  •       Youth Education and Homelessness

Our primary priority is to engage and education youth in disadvantaged communities through our art programs such as performing arts (Dance, Music and Arts and Crafts) and culinary arts to engage the youth with education and to develop and enhance their communication,comprehensive, academic, problem solving and social skills plus more. This is our core primary program. We believe that this is key to prevent youth from engaging into harmful and toxic behaviors and influences further down the track, and this will improve overall graduation rates. Our secondary priority is our homelessness project which looks at helping the homeless in disadvantaged communities through providing for their daily essentials such as food, clothes, soap, blankets, tents, grills, toothpaste, toothbrushes, under garments and etc. We understand basic needs need to be met to improve life outcomes and break the cycle of crime, and we are committed to our priority. Hence, these 2 issues are our highest priorities.


  • Genuine Efforts

We are genuine in our efforts and want to achieve the best outcome for every individual we interact with. We want the best outcome for the individuals we help, and we aspire to give the best we’ve got.


  • Well-defined strategies

To optimize our charitable initiatives, we will need to execute well-defined strategies within our action plan, including understanding and expanding our target markets, understanding the major challenges in our space, understanding which the best steps to take to expand, making sure that our message is clear and that business workflows properly established and executed. We will ensure that we have well-established program plans and expectations to maintain the standards of the outcome of the work we do.


  • Develop on our partnerships and investors

Our key goals surround the expansion of our efforts, which can only be done through building genuine and key relationships with partners and investors. We intend to work closely with our partners and investors and be transparent about our policies, programs and operations, so that they understand the return on their investments.


  • Develop a strong board of members

  We intend to work with several resources to secure the best individuals to be a part of our board. Our board members will look at expanding our initiatives further and share the same mission and vision as us.


  • Keeping Ahead

We understand that the challenges faced by the youth and homeless in these communities are not linear and cannot be forecasted by the books. We intend to keep a lookout for any new and unprecedented events or issues which might impact these vulnerable populations further, such as Covid-19, and we intend to maximize our efforts to improve our preparations of efforts in such scenarios.


  • Establish Governance and Reporting

Expanding into new territories and efforts are pointless unless we have some intelligence about what is going on the ground. Establishing governance and reporting for our efforts ensure that our goals can be met, and that our expectations with key stakeholders can be met. This ensures that our programs run well on-course and that we can make a positive impact to our target populations. This will be a key priority for us as it allows us to monitor and strategically expand through minimizing any risks that may occur. This allows us to re-strategize when we need to, in a timely manner, so that we can maximize the use of our resources and maximize our charitable outcomes.




DDF is a professional and genuine charitable organization which assist the community members through the commitment to the arts and activism. Diversified Direction Foundation reaps intrinsic rewards from the satisfaction of helping our community members who don’t have the resources to achieve their true potential. We are well-organized and have a clear mission, vision, and strategy to grow.


Diversified Direction Foundation’s challenge is the source of their next funded dollar. Diversified Direction Foundation has a specific mission and goal in mind that carries great purpose. This great purpose often places a heavy weight on the shoulders of the organization. Diversified Direction finds that the stakes are simply high when you are dealing with a cause that is close to your heart.


A benefit of running a non-profit is that, like a standard for-profit business, it helps create paid jobs for those in the community. We believe we can make great impacts in this space to the community and lift many youth and community members out of potential harms and threats, as well as poverty.


We have embedded surveillance and preparedness into our priorities, and we believe that this will help us navigate through any potential threats that we may encounter. The organization plans to continuously apply for grants, reach out to the community for donations and complete as many fundraisers as possible to help us expand and manage and work through potential threats and issues.



For our Partnership Expansion

  • Outreach to potential partners through our outreach team
  • Clear unique and integrated plans and grants on how our partners can work with us and ROIs
  • Networking events hosted and organized by us for our partners to understand us better
  • Incorporating key leaders into our board
  • Ensuring that our partners can see the impacts of their investment and efforts being made on the ground within the first 3 months of them being on-board
  • Continued engagement to ensure on-going commitment to the charitable cause

For our Investor Expansion

  • Individual financial forecasting for our investors to understand the growth of their investment in the organization and the ROI
  • Warm outreach to potential investors who have indicated an interest in this space
  • Incorporating key leaders into our board
  • Ensuring that our investors can see the impacts of their investment being made on the ground within the first 3 months of them being on-boardKey involvement of investors in decision-making
  • Continued engagement to ensure on-going commitment to the charitable cause

For our Strategic Growth

  • Outreach and surveillance to understand which communities need our help
  • Clear operational and program guidelines, including logistics and timeline administration
  • Align our efforts to reaching out to more communities once we understand the key specific challenges face by sub-communities

For our Staff and Volunteers

  • Clear internal strategies and policies which look after our staff and volunteers
  • Clear workflows and program documentation established
  • Deployment of staff and volunteers to parts of the charities where they want to be at and that will also make the most positive impact to our vulnerable populations

For all Other Parties Interested

  • Clear pathways on how they can contact us and contribute to our vision and mission
  • Continued engagement to ensure commitment to the charitable cause



  • Clear tracking reporting of program budgets, grants written and funded, and outcome of budgets and grants
  • Clear tracking of goals relating to program outcomes
  • Clear monitoring of operational performance after 2 years of operations
  • Clear organizational structure established with the inclusion of the board after 3-6 years of operations
  • Timely and regular reporting to ensure strategic priorities and goals are being accomplished